Syncing Strings: App Thinning

Outlook for iOS has seen tremendous growth over the past few years. As with any mobile app used across the world, a key area where we strive to deliver is internationalization.

2020 Best Nine

Even though it seemed like this year might never end, 2020 is finally coming to a close — and that means it's time to take a look back at some of your best moments on IG.

2019 Best Nine

It's that time of year when your Instagram feed is filled with photo collages. Even though the end-of-year trend compiles your popular Instagram photos, you can't actually access it in the Instagram app.

WatchPhoto: Instagram on Apple Watch

Since Instagram has removed their official Apple Watch App, WatchPhoto has been climbing the charts as a fantastic alternative. Check out this review by Geeks Corner UK

Facebook Apple Watch

Watchbook was the first Facebook watch app client available on the App Store. Offering users ability to browse feed, interact, and view notifications.

Former Student Creates Valentine's App

Former University of New Haven student Afraz A. Siddiqui developed a valentine’s themed app, available on the Apple iOS App Store. The game is called Valentine’s Trivia

UNH Student Turns Down Snap for Harvard

Siddiqui admitted that he never saw himself working in social media. His goal is to become a cardiologist to bring his love of helping people and his love of technology together. He explained that Harvard...

Networking App Created By Students for Students

Siddiqui’s interest in coding originally began in hacking. He was pretty young, about eight or nine, when he started learning programming code from watching YouTube or Googling what he needed to learn.

Meet Creator of QuickQast

UNH student creates QuickQast, the app to see and share the world around you anonymously. It is a simple and fun way for college students to anonymously capture pictures and Qast them