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I offer free and premium courses teaching iOS Development from Beginner Basics to Advanced Sys. Design/Architecture.

Building TikTok

Comprehensive course covering large app architecture, backend interfacing (Firebase), and system design. Further focus on PageViewControllers, Audio/Video, & CRUD Operations.

SwiftUI for Beginners

Beginner course that introduces fundamentals of SwiftUI. Covers composition of views (ViewBuilders), Passing Data in reactive fashion (Bindings), and building full fledged applications.

Building Spotify

End to end series building a Spotify client app written in Swift 5. Covers OAuth, REST API interfacing, Audio Streaming, Architecture, and much more.

Open Source

I love authoring and contributing to the Open Source community. We can build better and faster together.


Localization client library that enables simple and effective localized development in iOS Projects. Serves as back bone for other systems such as syncing strings.


Fully managed In App Purchase framework written in Swift. Wraps product fetching, transaction management, and UI presentation into a clean digestable public API.

Additional Contributions

Head on over to my Github to see my other contributions, project repos, and discussions!

1:1 Tutoring/Instruction


I also occassionally teach and tutor in one on one sessions as time permits. This covers anything from debugging, basics of iOS, interview prep, and more.